Valet Parking Services

Attendants :

Trained specifically for each location

Professionally handle any situation

Friendly , courteous and experienced

Equipment :

Custom uniforms for your business

Decorative custom signs

Everything needed for a five star valet job

Peace of mind :

PMI Valet is solely responsible for all cars parked and driven by our team

Fully insured for each location

Available 24 hours a day

Add some style to your business image with the personal valet services from AMI Valet,LLC. 

Call us : 1 941 565 0137

Email :

        Pricing Options :

Complimentary Service :  

Sevice fee for the clients, fee based on parking distance,number of valets,and number of hours

Individual Car Fees :

No service fees for clients,

Parking fee, per car based on parking distance and expected number of guests